Yep – this is me resting a camera on some old lens bag case on top of a rusty roof rack. Didn’t have a tripod then but did pack something else: Resourcefulness. You should how I balance myself on a city garbage can just to get the shot. Only 5′ tall, after all. It’s just a small example of what I bring to every project. Also notice the arm sweat. Real pretty, I know. But that’s the sign of a good shoot in my book.

Prior to photography as a profession, I had built a long career in the fashion, fitness, outdoor gear, & wearable tech industries. While working on the design creation & merchandise/marketing strategy side, the focus was to craft products and stories. I now utilize all of my creative forces to showcase products and stories through visual photo content. As a former athletic apparel designer and fitness instructor, I aim to combine the worlds of art & athleticism, all while being authentic.

As a solid believer in energy, I feed off of it coming from nature, music, activity, athletes, artists, cultures, & those who are doing something better for the planet or the people. When instructing fitness, my creative energy is utilized to motivate others through words & music. Similar to channeling that energy, I aim to capture an energy within every image. There’s just as much of an adrenaline rush in teaching an indoor cycling class filled with loud tunes, people, & sweat as it is playing outside filled with nature, people, & sweat. Do you see the parallel to shooting indoors & outdoors?

With a background working in-house for a multitude of companies, I have a strong sense for brand identity, strategic themes, impactful storytelling, target audiences, as well as the smallest end-use features. Other services I can assist with are creative in art direction & prop styling, along with producing in location scouting, model casting, budgeting, filing permits, insurance, planning shot lists, sourcing crew & equipment.

After living over a decade on either side of the USA, my imagery combines both an east+west coast vibe, blending urban city playgrounds with all other outdoor terrains. Filling the frame with interesting angles, leading lines, & directional light describes my photographic style. My camera and I love collaborating with humans to exhibit their athleticism, creativity, & soul as much as partnering with brands, agencies, and publications to build their visual voice, vibe, & global impact.

INDUSTRIES: Outdoor Adventure, Sport, Fitness, Wellness, Travel & Hospitality.

CATEGORIES: Action, Lifestyle, Editorial, Product, & Portrait

BASECAMP: Mostly SF, CA and NYC, NY… but my passport still has blank pages

CONTACT: tracey.mammolito@gmail.com